The bird with the paper wings

Copyright, Nicke

The bird with the paper wings,
Leaves the nest and as he does he sings.
For this is the day he becomes a bird,
Off he flies to find his flock, his herd.

Every day that passes, his quest becomes harder,
With the others he can’t keep up for their wings are harder.
At the back of the pack he stays, frightened and alone,
Too scared to go back for he has lost his way home.

With nowhere to turn to, no friends to call his own,
He sits atop a chimney breast and his sweet song becomes a moan.
Suddenly, all around, the sky begins to darken,
The storm begins with lightning flashes that make the night sky brighten.

He tries to fly… higher, so high,
To escape the rain falling from the sky.
But his wings are wet, and start to break,
Piece by piece, his wings seperate.

With no wings for flight, he crashes to the ground,
Broken and twisted he now lays unable to make a sound,
For the bird that once had paper wings,
No more he flies, no more he sings.

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Beautiful Girl

Copyright, Nicole

Nobody wants
To dance with the beautiful girl
Nobody thinks
That she is really beautiful-
She runs her tongue across her
painted lips
Touches her hair, and
Smiles from her safe place

Nobody sees
The thoughts of the beautiful girl
Nobody knows
The place where she is hiding
She doesn’t seem to notice as they
All stand back
Her dress slips off her shoulder
She’s dancing on the
Dance floor all alone

Nobody likes
The scars on the beautiful girl
Nobody wants
To see the pain that clearly
She lets them show like patchwork
Foreign patterns on her body
They make a startling contrast
With her sharp stilletto heels

Nobody dares
Get close to the beautiful girl


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