Copyright, 14 and Alone

I tried to be the one who was always in place
but silly me got it thrown back at my face
I shouldn’t have trusted you, I should’ve known
But im still ashamed of being the one all alone

I called you up to make things right
and all you said was “get out my sight”
Im ashamed of myself for being so stupid
I should’ve known there is no cupid

I was so vulnerable and you were two faced
You red blood tears are all i can taste
Im so ashamed I cant look tomorrow in the eye
I may aswell just curl up and die

Torn Into Bits

Copyright, 14 and Alone

Tearing out my hair
ripping off the clothes i wear
Tearing at my skin
because i didnt want to fit in

Im torn into bits
my parts wont fix
Im torn in pieces again
while pulling out my vein

Scratching at my arms
you should understand one who self harms
Squeezing out my eye balls
cause im always the one that falls


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