Cutting Edge

Copyright Laurel

I’m floating away
in a poison bubble of unreality
Something must burst the bubble
release the poison, release me
My blood is the only real poison
Burning, raging in my viens
Eating away at my being
I have to let the poison out
So I cut, crisscrossing slashes
The cold blade burning red trails in my skin
Seconds after the cut, the poison comes
Bubbling, welling to the surface
Screaming to be released
Spilling over my body in streams
A sweet relief follows, and floods over me
But as the blood flow dwindles, the poison settles
Back into my viens
Burning, ragin once again
The once sweet relief melts away
Leaving only the empty despair
like that of a lost soul
As the poison is trapped again
There is nothing I can do
But to cut again.

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Candy and Razor Blades

Copyright, Lelu

Candy and razor blades,
Bleeding scars covered in band-aids.
Everything I am and everything I was,
All just a ringing in my ear, a buzz.

Building a prison for my soul,
An addiction taking control
Candy and razor blades
The pain, after awhile, fades.

Seeing rivers, pools of blood,
Flowing free from my wounds, just a flood.
Its like candy,
the feeling of being drunk from brandy.

But im feeling invisible around you,
Why’d you turn away from me too?
I turned to candy and razor blades,
I went to cry to get away from the fades.

No one was there when I was scared,
Alone with candy and razor blades, no one cared.
I was so alone.
The pain from the blades, (never shown.)

Candy and razor blades,
Cuts covered in band-aids.
Gauze and tape,
Cold thick blood. (A way to escape.)

Candy and razor blades, hear my sigh,
Gooey pressure on my thigh,
Down my sides,
Like a thousand tides.

This pressure is too much,
You inside my head, just to touch,
The painful side,
So no pain could subside.

That’s why I love candy and razor blades,
Cuts and slices covered in band-aids.
The truth can never surface,
The cuts soon interlace,
Stars, crosses, lines, slashes,
So many ways… sometimes arches.

Candy and razorblades.
Cuts covered in Band-Aids.
To hide from the world that caused them,
To hide from you, that bled them.

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The Coming Of The Red

All poems copyright, Lorenzo

Slowly, a splash of red
against virgin ivory white.
The ultimate contrast in passions..
lust and fury and anger
against innocence and purity and peace.
it is the coming of the red that
brings quiet
A stinging calmness..
A wicked serenity..
an artificial vulnerability

Hypnotized, I watch it..
So still, yet somehow it grows
Pooling up in a perfect,
militant line
So strict and precise.
it marches over the plains of my soul
Imposing its absolute rule.
It both saves me and destroys me
as it governs my being.
I crave its presence more then breath

Its demons press their oppressing hands
upon my fragile shoulder.
I offer little resistance..
A gleam of light..
The metal pierces the soft,
unimposing flesh beneath it.

I sit silent now,
As I await.
The coming of the red

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