Cold Nights

Copyright Fallen Angel

She closes her eyes and her mind drifts away,
As she pulls the covers to her chin,
Feeling ashamed and all alone,
She gazes into the darkness of her room
With the curtains pulled tightly shut,
And the room turns black as night
With her head pounding and her wrists aching,
She slowly reaches for the phone,
but hears them whispering. “don’t be a burden, let them sleep.”
“it’s not their problem the demons you keep.”
She wants to cry, but the tears are frozen.
So she sits and tries her hardest, to make sense
Of the chaos buried deep within her mind.
But her eyes get heavy as the pencil slows.
Another feeling buried, another poem unwritten
But maybe they will let her sleep. Maybe the feelings will go away.
For the morning will come and the dreams will be forgotten,
The night of torment and pain is over.
It might be hot in her long sleeves and jeans,
but the night came to an end when she finally gave in.


Copyright, Flo

I cut.
I burn.
Not wanting,
but peace.

Sometimes I lose
my own memories.
Don’t remember…
but peace.

Thinking if I had
problems. problems.
Hoping I don’t
but peace.

Never knowing if it’s
good or not,
I didn’t care.
It was the only way
to get “peace”.
Now I’m destinied to
Secrets and hidings.
Peace… was this
what I wanted?


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