Danielle K


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Why does it happen? Why do we continue to press the blade down time and time again. We’re losing friends. We’re losing red blood cells.

We’re losing ourselves. It doesn’t make it better. You all know this. you’re just cowards. You have no reason to live so what… you cut? It just can’t continue.

I’m so ashamed. I hate this hell. I hate my scars and they are the reason I start again. Your pictures delighted me. This is not a good sign.

I have no traumatized background. I’m still a virgin. Was never raped. Never ‘abused’. Sure, was thrown around a few times and called a whore, a cunt and a bitch by my mom and dad, but you know, that’s expected.

Now I’m 15. I still cut. This site actually triggered me from about 2 months of not cutting.

Thanks. I owe you one.


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