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I used to know a friend who had a problem with self mutilation. When she first told me I was somewhat worried, but not a lot. She cut only on the surface of her skin, not deep. Thank God that she never went too deep. I really got worried when she showed me about fifteen cuts on one arm. That’s when me and my friends took action and told an adult. She got very angry with me and my friends. She never did tell me why she was doing that to herself. I figured that it was because of how she was sexually abused by her father (who died in a car crash). Now she is far from harm’s way. I am so proud of her. Self mutilation doesn’t make you feel like a better person instead of making you feel better it makes you feel worse. It makes the situation even worse. If you have a problem with self mutiliation please get help. If my friend can do it then so can anyone else.


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