14 and Alone

No Name

Copyright, 14 and Alone

Just my luck, ive been hurt once more
How long will this pain go on for?
Im fed up of waking up in the night
The demons and the shadow give me a fright
My face in the mirror scares me
The face of my mind, the one you cannot see
The echoes of my screaming pain
the screams of my dying brain
I just dont know what to do or say
Go to hell whoever made me this way
I hate me
You just cant see
The one who hurts and one who cries
Is always the one who dies
Because i cant hold on anymore
Its time to throw away my rotten core
Stab my heart again and again
Leave me with the love i need
The love i need, to make me succeed
I do deserve happiness and a life
But i cant control my hand and my knife

Cuts Aren’t Good Enough

Copyright, 14 and Alone

I need to escape from the world today
cutting dun work, i cant find any other way
I need to get out of this place
Im fed up of showing my face

Every morning I wake and find I’m still here
When last night i prayed i’d cry my last tear
Hoping and praying for no more ache
I dont know how much more i can take

The pain is still the same
im fed up of this game
Looking back at yesterdays hurts me
but thats the thing you just cant see

You throw me down the stairs
Because no one cares
I remember how i sat afraid
My coffin is nearly layed

Its where i should be
its where you cannot see
I dont want be found
I want to hide underground

Cuts never worked for me
only pills, pills that set me free
Cuts never went deep enough
I guess thats just tough

I will escape I swear i will
Even if it means taking another pill
Cuz cuts dont work, they’re not good enough

My Mind

Copyright, 14 and Alone

My mind messes me up, hurts me too
maybe thats the reason im feeling so blue
My mind knows no answers, So i dont know a thing
My mind likes to hum, where as i like to sing

People tell Im a great singer
others tell me im a great minger
Me and my mind really dont care
Say it again that’s if you dare

They tell me Im strange cuz i listen to my mind
they call me weak cuz i like to be kind
My mind punishes me for some things i do
And if you get in its way, it’ll punish you too!

I talk to my mind because im alone
No one to talk to, no one to phone
It really doesn’t bother me anymore
Im just a rotten apple core


Copyright, 14 and Alone

I tried to be the one who was always in place
but silly me got it thrown back at my face
I shouldn’t have trusted you, I should’ve known
But im still ashamed of being the one all alone

I called you up to make things right
and all you said was “get out my sight”
Im ashamed of myself for being so stupid
I should’ve known there is no cupid

I was so vulnerable and you were two faced
You red blood tears are all i can taste
Im so ashamed I cant look tomorrow in the eye
I may aswell just curl up and die

Torn Into Bits

Copyright, 14 and Alone

Tearing out my hair
ripping off the clothes i wear
Tearing at my skin
because i didnt want to fit in

Im torn into bits
my parts wont fix
Im torn in pieces again
while pulling out my vein

Scratching at my arms
you should understand one who self harms
Squeezing out my eye balls
cause im always the one that falls


Copyright, 14 and Alone

Tonight I will regain another scar and lose more blood
I want to die, I wish i would.
I’d feel so much better if i wasn’t here
I cut, bleed, sigh and cry.. Tonight will be my last tear.

I’m waiting for my saviour to call
I want you to be there, to catch me when i fall
I dont want to bleed
I dont want to succeed

Like you said where would death get me?
I’ll have to look to the future and see
I’ll bleed tonight
To give you a fright

I dont bleed to cause you worry
I dont intend on coughing up last nights curry
I just gotta find my way out!


Copyright, 14 and Alone

You were the one who hurt me the most
ever since you put that bomb in the post
You made my life hell
You’ve always hated me, I can tell

You hated me so much you beat me up
and cuz of that you got the cup
You won the battle fair and square
I would’ve fought back, I just didnt dare

You stole me away from myself
and stole my blades from my shelf
You stabbed me in the throat
and sunk my boat

You hated my lies
so i’ll be the one that dies
All because of you
and the stupid things you do!


Copyright, 14 and Alone

They dug my grave
Because I couldn’t behave
They closed my lip
Becasuse I hid

Im in the after life
Cuz I took hold of the knife
All because i wasn’t like anyone else
Ive only made this harder on myself

I tried to hide my tears
After having too many beers
But I went against the rules
And got kicked out too many schools

Im in the afterlife and here I’ll stay
And no I wont escape from another long day.


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