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Break Out

Copyright Onno

Create a world of issues
create a world of vein
create a world that loses
create an endless pain.

After creating close the doors.
and break the golden key.
first just dark, it will be worse.
Locked up, won’t be free.

Then you see you can’t go out.
locked up for ever.
your screaming doesn’t sound that loud.
Ever change to never.

You learned to suffer, accept it all.
the door can’t open yet.
Stop try it, break the wall.
I’m sure you can do it, wanna bet?

Sit here collect your agression.
Is that so much then?
Yes, if you collected it from it begon.
Breaking out and never go back again.

Die in the Mountains

Copyright Onno

Climb up to this mountains of eternal pain.
Descent back to the under world.
Drowning in the deepest lake.
The only thing that lifes is my rot off body.
I’m nothing accept; nothing.
A fucked up lump meat.
Broken of climb the mountains.
My feets hurts.
My heart pump slow with its last craft.
My back bow I look down at the ground.
But I can see the next mountain where I have to fight to.
Begin the fight but still dieing of the previous one.
Dieing, starving, broken and weak.
My legs move slowly, even the rest of my body.
No power to think about.
Only for moving and fighting.
The rocks hurts my naked feets.
The cold wind hurts my troath.
But when I stay in the valley I’ll die and burn.
When I fight, maybe it all will be better.
Maybe I can restart my life and be happy again.
Did I really wrote that?
I’m tired of climb the mountains.
I kneel down my last breath will be soon.
I’ll die.
Die here in the high, stong mountains of life.


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