Copyright, QueenOfCuts

I scratched a message in my skin
I know I shouldn’t
I know it’s a sin
I love the feeling
I love the blood
Someone once told me you can infect a cut with mud
I tried it
It didn’t work
made it heal
My dignity they tried to steal
I cut a message in my skin
It says I love him
Is that such a sin?

Never Rains

Copyright, QueenOfCuts

It never rains here anymore
Well it rains but only blood
When it rains it’s always a flood
The crimson falling down
The ruby red hitting all the houses in town
scared they were the first time
Now they just struggle to make poems
that no longer rhyme
It doesn’t rain here any more
Now there’s blood
On my bathroom floor

About My Dad

Copyright, QueenOfCuts

The look in his eyes
The alchohol on his breath
He yells, screams
Scares me to death
Never stops drinking
Always screams
I wish I could close my eyes
just stay in my dreams
Always in trouble
never praised
I’ve gotten used to it
I’m no longer fazed
Crying at school
Cutting at home
No one believes it
He seems so nice, none of his awfulness ever shown
Can’t even look at him anymore
I wish I could just walk out my door
Leave this house forever I would
If someone would believe me
Maybe I could…

Bloody Fingertips

Copyright, QueenOfCuts

The blood drips
of my fingertips
The blood falls
onto the already bloody carpet
the carpet stained
the blood puddles up
my fingertips pained
the crimson bubble
hot, red tears
as it drips out
as do my fears
I don’t let the love of my life pass me by
I lay on my bed
as my fingertips cry
I can’t wait ‘till I see him
‘till I have him held close
When I have him I won’t let him go


Copyright, QueenOfCuts

I try not to look
I try not to scream
I try to live
I try to dream
Seems as if the more I try
The faster it seems that I die
The more I try to live to dream
The more I have to looke to scream
I try not to cry
I try not to bleed
I try to give
I try to heed
The more I try to give to heed
The less I cry, the more I bleed
I try not to see that look in your eye
To turn away now, not to die
I try not to look
I try not to scream
I try to live
I try to dream


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