Xanthania Verigai

You’ll Come Back Someday

Copyright, Xanthania Verigai

Fuck the world make it die
make it writhe from pain inside
I see now the world so fucked opening that bleeding cut
they watch it drip with lustful greed bleeding for eternity
they get their wish to go away, but they’ll be back someday
they come back to torment me
but I’ll bleed in extasy
knowing that I should be dying form the misery they put me through, for what they did to you

Imaginary Love

Copyright, Xanthania Verigai

You made my day
you drove my pain away
you showed me cuts that opened up my mind for a minute
and made me think of days so great
that I used to take for granted
I’ve found out now its not the hell
that drains me every day
but an image of my once found love that I have lost forever

Cruel World

Copyright, Xanthania Verigai

I found someone that seems to care that takes the dare to be with me.
But what I doubt, how long till I find out the secret that I was never what he wanted,
He only felt the need to dwell on my negativity.
He only loved me to fill my emptiness not because of me
why, oh why can’t I just find a guy that likes me for me
not the fact that I’m left out in this world full of maggots.
That chew me up and spit me out and feed me to the masses…


Copyright, Xanthania Verigai

I’m wasting away from this pain inside,
why, oh why cant I just die?
Shoot me soon to meet the doom of my heart’s desire.
I deserve to die, for I make you cry and writhe in pain.
Forgive me now or lay me down to burn in hell forever.


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