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I’m a female from Portugal and I have the habit of making deep scratches on my skin, either in my inner arm, my legs, and my stomach. I used to try and persuade, a boy I knew who cut himself, to stop doing it. But we grew apart and now I understand him better.

I think there’s nothing wrong with harming myself, as long as I don’t cut too deep. But my best friend tells me she’s gonna warn my parents about it if I don’t stop. I’ve stopped for a while now, cause I’m afraid she’ll see it sometime. She used to do it, but she had psychological help and she stopped, she thinks I should too.

My parents can’t know about it, they have the idea that someone who does that is mentally weak, and they would be disappointed at me if they found out. So I hide the scars…

I wish I could be free to decide on my own.


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