Persona Non Grata

What drives me to do what I’ve done

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I’m 16 years old, and I have been into self injury in many different forms. From the time I was 11 was continuously raped through out my life by people who were supposed to have loved me. And as soon as I started feeling as if I hadn’t a single grasp of control over my life, I became abusive to myself by beating up my stomach or I would bang up my wrists. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I started to cut. Once I found my bliss in the solitude of my own blood. It was no longer about my control, just another addiction along with many other things. I became anorexic since I was really young and the power of the self loathing I had toward myself was just a huge burden and I have been trying to get healthy more and more. But I can’t give up my cutting and the biggest thing I think we all have to realise is that we are never alone with our problems. Once we realise this we no longer have to feel like criminals for what we do to our own bodies… If anyone would like to personaly talk, my email is and I can be a great listener if you got a problem and we can share our life stories.


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