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I’m sixteen, I live in California, and I used to cut for about four years. But I stopped about a year ago because I promised my boyfriend I would better myself. Since then it is only expected I had temptations. It was easy not to when I was around him because nothing could go wrong. I could deal with everything at home because I knew I had him and he always made me smile. But bad things happened and I had to switch houses between my mom and grandma a lot. Finally my mom got so tired of it that she sent me out to live with my dad in Chicago, whom I have hated and haven’t seen or heard from in eleven years. To say the least things just got worse than ever and I feel more dead than any other time and now I am all the way across the country from my boyfriend. It’s pathetic that I rely on someone else to keep me stable. My dad hates my boyfriend and has told me I am not to talk to him at all or he will cut me off from everyone except my family back home. Now I have such terrible temptations that it’s hard to remember the promise I made. I go blind where all I can see is that knife.


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