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OK, so I have just realised that I am a cutter, like I have been doing it for a while, but never truly realised what I was doing, you know a pin prick here, a bite there. I didn’t really have any proper reason for it either. But last night I was feeling really depressed and I told someone, he thought I was joking and he started saying things to make me feel worse. I understood he was joking, but still, what he was saying was just making me feel bad, it made me feel worse and worse. I couldn’t take it obviously so I cut his initials into my hip. Took a picture and showed him. Then he says sorry.

The cuts I make are normally superficial, I just need to feel that small sensation when the blood comes out, and they heal quicker and can be passed for an accident easier, well besides the ones that are so clearly words, but they heal in a few days.

So that’s my story so far, hopefully all it will stay as is superficial. After looking at some of the pictures on this site I know I don’t want to become like that.


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