The Blade

Copyright, Tim

A woman cuts to take away her pain. She has been cutting since high school. She found the man of her dreams. He comes home to find her cutting one day in their bedroom. He asks why do you do that. You know it not only hurts you but it hurts me to see you hurt too. The blood is running down her arm off the blade of the knife. She breaks down and begins to cry she says she’s sorry and look up to him and says babe I need your help. I can not help you it’s a mental thing but I will try. She was cut free and her last wounds were healing. He comes home to find her cutting again but deeper. He takes the bloody knife from her hand and says I love you to death but I’m the cause of this all. He jabs the knife in to his chest. She leans over his body crying and holding his lifeless body in her arms and says she’s sorry yet again. Later that night in the hospital he is revived and she swears to him and God that she will never cut agian. She tells him that she cannot afford to lose him.


The blade is cold
The blade feels so good against my skin
It rips the skin
The blade is no longer cold
as the warm blood runs down the blade
This blade feels like heaven
Compared to the hell that this world is

Wounds are Only as Deep as You Cut Them

Copyright, Tim

I used to cut a lot to take away the pain from life. It felt so good to take the anger out on myself instead of other people. I cut until one day my ex girlfriend took it to the law. This hurt me more than anything. I went to emanual for about two weeks. I didn’t really learn all that much from it. But I wasn’t allowed to cut and it takes someone to watch you 24/7 to understand that you don’t have to do it. Then it’s almost been a year since I’ve cut and to find out my new girlfriend cuts because her mom beats her. It really hurts me to see that but I just tell myself for her and my case I can’t cut, I won’t cut. I just want everyone to know that you dont have to cut. I now talk to people in the community about cutting and that they don’t need it either. My girlfriend has been cut free for about three weeks and I’m really am proud of her. She is making my life change from hell to heaven. She is my angel.


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