My Story

Copyright, Tia

Well, it happened about a year or two ago. I lost the one person I loved the most, my mother, and I got I raped. She died from an overdose of drugs and that really messed me up. Losing her was the worst thing I’ve ever felt in my life. About a year after that my friend introduced me to a guy and his name was Mike. Mike was the most charming guy I’ve ever met. He told me lies but I believed they were true. One night I went to a party and he drove me home and as he was driving me home he pulled over the truck and raped me. I couldn’t do anything about it either. So after all that happened I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t save myself. I felt like I wanted to die, I felt alone, and used… Words can’t even describe it, really.

I kept it all inside about the raping and I didn’t tell anyone, and that eat me up inside and I started to cut myself and no one could help me. My mom was dead.. How could I get someone to help me when all along she was the one who did… To this day I still cut. It helps me but people stare at my arm and give me dirty looks. But I don’t care.


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