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I’ve been self injuring since I was eight or nine. I tried bulimia out for a while. I attempted suicide twice in grade 5 (tried to slit my wrists), tried to slit my wrists again in grade seven, tried to OD on sleeping pills twice and tried to slit my wrists again in grade 8, and just recently (I’m now fifteen and in grade 9) I was hospitalised because I cut too deep. Basically, I messed myself up. I can’t go anywhere without people noticing the scars all over both my arms, stomach and legs. I’m an insomniac, I get pretty bad migraines every day, and get insanely painful migraines at least once a month which I can barely handle. Why did I do this to myself? My parents were both drug addicts who’d beat me and burn me with cigarettes. My mom tried to kill me when I was three and then left me when I was five. My family’s been struggling to make ends meet for God only knows how long, and everything seems to be falling to pieces school wise and home wise. In general, it’s hard to handle. I’ve been trying to quit all this. It’s hurting me and it’s hurting my boyfriend, who’s basically the only person who truly cares about me. It’s just really hard…


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