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My name is Tiffanie and I’m fourteen years old. I am a recovering cutter. I did it for a lot of reasons. Parents, school and my social life. At first I did it for attention because I felt alone and that no one understood me a lot. I didn’t tell anyone or show anyone at the time because I just wanted it to myself and just for the pain to go away but then I realised that I’m adding more pain on top of pain. I just felt scared to tell my friends or my family because I knew they wouldn’t understand, which I can see from their point of few also. Lately I have just been depressed about certain things like boys and school and of course my real father. You see, I haven’t seen him in ten years and it’s been hard on me to go through my life without my father. I just came to a thought that cutting was the only way to solve the pain and make it go away but now I can see that I was wrong because I recently lost my best friend ever. Which I never thought the day would come. I was just too scared to tell or show anyone it and I felt alone like I was in my own world and that no one got me at all. I just want it to go away. All of it. The pressure, there is just too much of it and as I get older it’s not going to go away, it’s going to get on to me more and more and more. Yes, I am emotional and I get it a lot at times. Cutting is the only way I knew how to solve anything in my life. And for anyone out there who has thought or is cutting, stop! It doesn’t solve anything but leave scars and pain on yourself. Remember, it’s self-injury, you’re doing it to yourself and yes there is a way of stopping and you can. Just stick in there and everything will be OK!

If anyone would like to talk to me sometime about it my AIM screename is xXmIsSdIvA09xX and Yahoo is xxDance_Gurliexx901.


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