Assisted Suicide

Copyright, Whitney

Take my life
Begging on my knees
Take my life
I’m asking you “Please”
Picking up the gun
Picking up the knife
You’re ready to end my life
Don’t think twice
This is what I want
Don’t make me wait
I choose death over this hellhole anyday
So take me away

Who is She?

Copyright, Whitney

She has to live with it everyday
This secret, she can never say
When everything in the world goes wrong
This is her only way of remaining strong

She is the only one who knows why
The thing that could kill her
Is the only thing that keeps her alive

The needle is her friend
yet it is her greatest fear
She knows her life could end
She knows her death could be near

She knows what she is doing is not just hurting herself
But she can’t just put the needle away on a shelf

This pain, an addiction, as some may know
Could put this girl in the ground below

She’s quit so many times
Saying she’d never go back
She’s written so many ryhmes
Of how she could be sacked

And she pittys her best friends
As she walks in the room
When they glance at her arm
They correctly assume

They know what she did
They know what she could do
But they keep their mouths shut
Instead of doing what they needed to

This girl
Although there are few
Was hurting herself dearly
And all her friends knew

This girl
Anyone could be
Your best friend. your sister
It could even be… me.

In My Shell

Copyright, Whitney

I can’t control the feeling inside
the erge I can no longer hide
I hear you yell
Scarred of me leaving my shell
Oh, how you protect me from the world
yet you fail to protect me from yourself

I slam the door, lock it shut
I know I can’t control it
I need to cut
I grab my safety pin as I sit on the floor
Scarred someone will unlock it and come in
I lean against the door

I lift my sleeve, needle in hand
Sometimes even rubber bands
As blood runs down
My head gets lighter
i wish I could stop
But I’m not a fighter

Long sleeves, sweaters, & sweat bands are my only friends –
The only ones who will never tell.

I’m glad you’ve kept me in my shell so well.


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