The Knife

Copyright, Why

my arms show my head
scarred and half dead
my legs show my anger
that y i slash myself wiv a dagger
im so lonely and so mad
lost all the happiness i had
my feelings go in2 a knife
and the outcome shows my life
the scarz and the happiness fade
the knife and the long dayz get replayed.

The Mask

Copyright, Why

she wakes up in the mornin
puts on her face
the 1 thats gunna get her
thru another day
it doesnt really matter how she feels inside
cuz life is like a game sumtimes
she puts on her make-up mask everyday
but at night time she will lay
tears fallin down her powdered cheeks
grabs a knife so her wrist leeks and leeks
but then its the next day
and all her problems havnt gon away
but she still hides
under coats of make-up
makes her LOOK like
she’s so happy wiv her life


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