Becca G

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Well I started cutting myself in 8th grade. It all started when my dad left me and my mom. It hurt and all. It really sucks. Then everything would get better then all of a sudden it gets worse. I hear words in my head telling me that I really am nothing and that I can’t do anything right. And soon that’s how I feel. So I take a razor to my wrist. I really wish I didn’t. I told my mom. I called her one morning before I left for school. I was crying. I had attempted suicide the night before. And I told her that I was the reason for the marks on my arms. She asked me if I did any other ones. And I told her yes I slit my wrists. And so she got me help. The help I get works for a while and then it all comes back a few days later. And I hate it. I have friends that help me. And it seems like it helps for a little bit. But then I get depressed again. I have cut my self many times. But made over 56 cuts on me. And I’m sure there are people that have done more. But we all thought that I would be happy and that I wouldn’t be the one to do this to myself. But it just gets to me how everyone says that I have a perfect life. And sure I have a great mom. I have a nice dad. I have a loving family. But I don’t have the best life. I have big problems. And I can’t help it. I relieve myself by hurting myself. It’s how I am. And there are people in my life that make me think of suicide. And I know I should get rid of them from my life but it’s so hard. They just keep comming back. I just wish these thoughts would just go away. And everything was happy again. And for everyone on the site I wish I could take all of your pain away and make everything better for everyone. And have me suffer and not all of you.


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