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This is the first time I’ve ever really shared my problem with anyone, but the way I see it is I may as well start somewhere. I’m fourteen years old and I’m a grade 8 student. I have been cutting for about three years until just recently I figured it wasn’t really a big deal. But now thanks to some guidance from a good friend I’m on my way to some help. I realised that I wasn’t helping myself by doing this. I was only hurting the people I care about most and my scars are nothing that I’m proud of. The first time I cut myself was just something I did out of boredom I used the needle on the end of my compass. But as time passed by I found myself using exacto knives, razor blades and just about any other kind of knife I could get my hands on. The cuts became deeper and more of a risk for infection. To this day I find myself cutting more often and the wounds are getting worse. I do need help and I’m finally admitting it but I don’t think I know how.


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