Bleeding Teen

Why Don’t They Understand?

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I’ve already put my story onto these personal story pages but I wanted to say something else. I was at school today and I realised how much people don’t understand how much people hurt and what they go through to go to the extent of cutting themselves, people saw the cuts all over my arm today and just said things to me like ‘razorblade romance’ and ‘sharpener blade warrior’. It made me feel horrible. The feeling I had was horrible, I cried and my friends were asking me what was wrong. I couldn’t even reply. If anyone has been through this like me, just e-mail me or something, I’d be happy to talk.


Copyright, Bleeding Teen

I lay in bed at night, wondering what to do. Then the words of my mum come into my head, ‘go and get some new razor blades’. I reach into the drawer next to me and grasp onto the sharp edge of the blade out of my shaver. I close my eyes as the deadly sharp edge slides smoothly and deeply into my arm, I pull it out after about fifty cuts have been made and the blood starts to drip. Will she see what she made me do now?


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