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It’s funny. We cry when we’re kids, but then we grow up and handle our emotions with a razor. I don’t know how it happened. No major life trauma, not even a minor one. One day I just felt like crying. No reason- Just felt like crying. On the outside I was so normal. People loved me. But I didn’t. I tried to talk about how I felt but when you’re happy on the outside — all laughs and smiles — they don’t understand. Because when someone’s happy, how can sadness be real? But it was there. It was there everyday. And tears weren’t good enough. Neither were cigarette burns. I had to cut away at myself. It made me feel better. I cut at my soul and all the childhood dreams of growing up to be something. Instead, I was a sad, sad girl, and no one could understand. I forgot how to laugh; forgot how to smile even. And one day, when I least expected it, when I thought life couldn’t be worse, I found a reason to live. I fell in love and it saved my life. I put away the razors and stopped for me. I knew if I was capable of being loved, I was capable of loving myself. It still tries to tempt me, but I ignore the pleas, because I am stronger than the person it convinced me I was. Don’t forget how to smile. It just takes time, that’s all. Time heals all wounds and those scars will just be a reminder of what you have or will overcome.


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