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My name is (well, I don’t want anyone to know my name so I’ll call myself Bloody Tears) I’m thirteen and I’ve been SI’ing for about a year now. I don’t know why I do it but for some reason it takes all my pain away, that is, my emotional pain but it brings more physical pain though. Well, I first started when my aunt passed away last year. We were very close, really close. Anyways, I started cutting after that. Then one night for some weird reason I decided to tell my dad. I thought he was going to be really mad at me. He wasn’t, he didn’t really seem like he cared. I told myself I was going to stop and I did for about a month. Then my best friend came up to me and told me she had cut herself after her mom and dad almost got a divorce which opened the door back open for me. Next thing you know my other friend was telling me the same thing. I didn’t know what to do so I just started again. It was going good, our parents didn’t know, our boyfriends didn’t know, it was just us, untill one of my friend’s dad found out then it all went downhill. Her dad told my other friend’s mom and then told my dad. We were all caught. All three of us were clear for about two months then I started again. This time I didn’t tell anyone. I thought I was safe but my friends thought that it was weird all of a sudden I was wearing long sleeves all the time. By now it wasn’t just cutting it was burnning and punching myself, anything to get the anger out. Then I found out that my friend, well ex-friend, I found out that she was telling everyone about me cutting. She really didn’t care who knew about her and she thought I felt the same (I didn’t want anyone to know). Well, to make a long story short I’m addicted and need help. I can’t stop right now. Everyone thinks I’ve stoped but I haven’t. It’s even got worse and I’m afraid of how bad it will get. If anyone can help me please e-mail me.


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