I Understand

Copyright, Bree

My Name is Bree and I’ve been a cutter for over a year now. I really don’t know why i’m putting myself out there like this but I guess it might help someone. I never talk about the scars on my legs or arms to anyone. Once my friend’s parents saw cuts on my arms and worried. I said they were scratches from a cat. Too deep for a cat but it seemed to work. When I’m at home I am a different person. My friends would never expect this out of me because I am tough on the outside. What they don’t know is what’s on the inside. I’ve had emotional problems since I was 12, I’m 16 now. If anyone found out that I have these scars I don’t know how I’d act. All I know is that it helps me forget all these things that I’m feeling at that time. I haven’t cut for about 9 days, pretty long for me. I’m gonna try to hold my head up for a little longer. I do want to stop. If you wanna talk just email me. I am open.


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