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I started SI’ing when I was 12, it was meant to be a homemade tattoo. When my best friend died the following year, I remembered how it felt. So in the days after she died, I cut several times, many from which I still have scars today. I stopped for a little while when I started going out with my first boyfriend.

But when he cheated on me 4 months later, I turned to cutting again. I stayed with him for another 14 months, during that time I cut a fair few times. Also that year my mum went into hospital for a pacemaker, the only thing that stopped it was SI.

And just today, I broke up with my new boyfriend of 7 months, for fooling around behind my back. He told me a week ago he wanted to “spend time apart”, I knew, so I cut 19 times.

I’m not ashamed of my SI, it’s a coping mechanism, not a problem to be brushed under the carpet.


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