My Last Cut?

Copyright, Nadja

I’m a seventeen year old girl from Denmark. I have been cutting myself for about three years now. It all started as a funny dare, between me and my friend. We wanted to cut the first letter from our names, into each other’s arms. But I discovered that it was a great feeling, and after that I kept on cutting in my arm. In the start it was small cuts, but after a while, it got worse. I started to cut on my face, my legs, my stomach, my feet etc., with glass, knifes and needles. Today I only cut on my arms and my face. And today it doesn’t help anything, against the pain inside. I do it, because I’m addicted. Sometimes it helps when I’m angry.

I really hope, that one day, I can get some proper help. That one day, it’s not such a big taboo here in Denmark.

My family doesn’t know anything, because I live in my own apartment.


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