Lost Love

Copyright Nicholle

I am fifteen and I have been cutting for two years, I used to want to kill myself after my first lover cheated on me. First I was angry and wanted to die. I tried by overdose and by cutting my wrist, I also tried by starving myself to death. I failed each time, so I just started cutting myself just to not feel. There would be a ringing in my ears and my emoitions would be so torn up I couldn’t think or feel. And I liked that feeling, and it wasn’t so bad at first. Now I have scars up and down my left arm and over my torso. Something that will stay with me forever, something my kids can look at. I found love again, I was happy, the cutting stopped for a long time, then he left me. Just three weeks ago, I have been at it again, but I am looking for help. My problem is, I do it to forget or pretend he still loves me. He broke my heart leaving me to feel worthless and depressed. I still love him. My cuts prove it. I am changing my habbits to show him I have changed and pray he comes back to me. If anyone wants help in overcoming a lost loved one, feel free to look me up on ‘Nicholle Charvet’ or e-mail me. I want to help and you can make it, everyone has a reason to live. Everyone.


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