Naveed’s Story

Copyright, Naveed

My name is Naveed. I am currently in hospital. I have been in hospital for about three years in four different hospitals including secure hospitals. I had lots and lots of treatment for self-harm and suicidal behaviour, including ECT and other treatments. At the moment I am a day patient at Highfield Unit. I used to get beaten up and sexually abused either way. I get upset on really small things but still I am growing or try to grow out all the mess. Everything is so strange in this world. Bad people and bad always happens all the time. Some people survive and some are trying to but some can’t. Every time my past comes near me I feel really strange. I used to get flashbacks and all that, I really never understood the purpose of me being here. Life treats me really badly sometimes and that’s what happens to all of us but sometimes it happens more casual than other times. I don’t like living lonely anymore. It makes me hopeless. I try to live where it’s lively and things to do to take my mind off. Things get really tough sometimes but it all depends how to handle them. Life is a really crazy thing, it takes us to a point where we can’t come out. Every single time we do we become unlucky. I am still trying very hard and doing at least well and better. I hope everyone else who reads this story try hard and push themselves to do well.


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