Nicola F


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When I was 5 years old my mum and dad got divorced and I was caught in the middle. As the years went by mum met a new man with two children, he also was divorced and they got together. Dad was always unreliable but the worst was to come.

We moved away to Liverpool and left dad and his new family behind. Gradually as the months went by the contact died away and I was left helpless. When I was 9 years old both my parents re-married, that was the last time I saw my dad.

At the age of 10 I took a knife to my skin and cut down hard. I felt a big relief. This became an often thing. Every time I was upset I would just cut myself to pieces. I went up into high school and that made things worse. In year 9 one of my friends saw my wrists and arms and told a teacher. That is when everyone found out.

I was sent to a psychiatrist and I started to get help. I have a mentor in school to supervise at all times. This is one thing I would never recommend to anyone. If I could turn back time I would.

Now I’m 15 years old. I still am cutting but it is more controlled and I’m learning to stop. The support of friends and family is crucial at this point.


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