My Only Way Out

Copyright, Nickie

I’m fifteen years old and here’s my story. It all started the first year of grade 7. I became really depressed. I don’t really know why I got so depressed but I did. Then one day in school I got yelled at by the teacher for not doing homework. Now you’re probably thinking OK you’re upset because you got yelled at by a teacher. See, the thing is I never got yelled at by a teacher and I always had my work done whether it was done correct or done wrong it was done. So anyways, I had a detention and during detention all the teacher did was yell at me. It made me feel so useless and stupid. So when I got out of detention I went home. No one was home so I went and I found a pin and I cut my arm. It felt so good and I kept doing it day after day. Then one day in school my teacher was calling each student over to sign something and when it was my turn my cuts were noticable and my teacher saw them. And do you want to know what he said to me? He said “got a cat?” and I just was in shock so I just said “yeah, two cats, really”. My cutting got worse. I started useing a razor and I do to this day. I’m not sure if I want to stop. If anyone wants to talk they can e-mail me, I could use another friend.


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