I’m a Waste of Energy

Copyright, Nobody

I have been depressed for about five years, SI’ing almost as long, and no matter how I try, I just can’t tell my family, they refuse to listen. I have attempted to kill myself twenty-six times, the last time was the worst, because my entire body went numb. I lay there for twelve hours, wondering why I was doing this to myself, and why I was so cold, why I hadn’t died yet and what kind of loser could fail at suicide. Then I met this guy named Roland, I promised I would stop. And god am I trying to stop. I can’t stand the scars on my body, they go so deep I can see the ones from the begining. And he saw and he held me and begged me to get help. So I searched for about four hours, and joined at least twenty sites. And it’s helping. I owe him my life, I owe him so much. I can’t do this anymore. It’s been three days since I’ve SI’ed.


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