A Living Nightmare

Copyright, Nanas

When I was about six or seven my mother was murdered but I know it was suicide. My dad was never there for me and my sister or mother. He always ran out and would come home high or drunk and it was really sad. When I was ten I started to cut myself which led to trying to commit suicide and then I was stuck in a life I hated. I’m now fifteen and struggling to get by. I try to get people to understand me, but no one ever does. I have always wanted to be accepted for me, not for what I do. I still cut but I wanna stop. I need help and I’m not afraid to admit it. I want to know what it’s like to have a family who cares for me but I will never get that opportunity.


Copyright, Nanas

Fiona, you say one thing but do another. You talk shit behind my back and you say your my friend and really you aren’t. You hurt me more than anyone I have been hurt by. It sucks but I could never hate you or not like you, because I love you… But fuck it…


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