My Story

Copyright, K.T.

My name is K.T. (nickname of course) I am sixteen and I’ve been cutting since I was about eight. That’s eight years if you don’t know. I’ve gone through many doctors, meds, and nothing seems to help, but there is one thing: my friends. You know those people you feel comfortable around. Comfortable enough for you to cry so hard over the phone, and you’re not afraid to wake them up at three o’clock in the morning. But sometimes, even those people go away and I have no one. I take countless pills every morning, just to get through the day. But not many people understand me and my scars. Sometimes people call me stupid, and they don’t understand that they are sometimes the reason for why we are like this. I’m a newcomer to and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I enjoy knowing that I’m not alone. And I’m not the only person who cuts for relief and the rest of my reasons.


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