How I Started

Copyright Kristi

My name is Kristi, I’m nineteen. I’ve been cutting since I was about sixteen. That’s when I found out that my mom has lied to me all my life. Two weeks after my sixteenth birthday I found out my dad my not be my dad, I lost all of my friends but one. Then she moved away. I had nothing to live for and found peace in cutting myself. I became suicidal and very depressed. I use to love singing but I dropped all those dreams in life. My dad told me I would never make it or be successful. He called me a dark freak after I said I was a sci-fi freak. My mom calls me gothic because I like black. I feel as if no matter how hard I try I will never be good enough for anybody. When you’re not loved by your parents then who will love you? Someone once told me that there is somebody God made to love me, but I have come to the conclusion that that was a lie. All my life it’s been nothing but lies and unkept promises. Life means nothing to me anymore.


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