Kristy Marie


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This is how I started! On this show, this girl cut herself so I tried it out with a nail thing that was sharp. But it wasn’t enough so I moved on to razors. I was a self-harmer for a year. I used to cut myself on my tummy, arms and legs. I even burned my arm. I used to hit my legs so hard I would end up with big bruises.

I’ve been in the mental institution before. I’ve seen about three therapists. Now I have a good therapist who is helping me with everything in my life. I was born with an ear that was all messed up. Didn’t even look like an ear. So when I was twelve I started having surgeries to correct it. They took two skin graphs from my leg and they took bone from my ribs. I had about thirteen surgeries and they had to cut off all the work they did on my ear because when my skin heals it doesn’t heal properly so I’m left with these really huge ugly scars. Now I’m getting a prostetic ear or fake ear if you wanna call it that. I’ve been teased since the seconnd grade. I’m fourteen years old now. People could think of the meanest names to call me. But I’m still here and living strong. If you want to know more about me or anything please contact me.


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