Skin Deep

Copyright, Kaelen

For two years I had been cutting. Promising the few who knew about it that I’d stop, I did for a while, but I never did stop for good. And now, I have been with a wonderful person who has lead me through to cope and overcome my cutting. Every now and then I have an urge to do it again, my boyfriend sometimes says I’m addicted. But it was just a way to let go of my pain in a physical way. I can’t wear a swimsuit without people asking me where I got the cuts on my legs (some of which I should have gotten stitches for) and I can’t wear sleeveless shirts without exposing my hundreds of scars on my arms. When I came across this site, seeing other people’s cuts made me sick to my stomach… So now, whenever I have the urge to mutilate my body, I look at these pictures of other people. And I want to let people out there know, you aren’t alone. And cutting does not solve anything. Years later, you look at the worst of your cuts and regret it, with memories that triggers all over again, the pain all over again, and just the fact, you can’t hide them forever. I can’t be the model I’ve always wanted to be, I have too many scars. I can’t always keep my boyfriend happy, because he’ll look at the scars and frown. It’s hard now that I have done it. It’s real hard, and I want to share with everyone, it’s not healthy in the end. And I would like to provide pictures for you all one day soon.


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