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I don’t really remember much from when I started with SI. I only remember I was 13, I would hit myself with power cords or belts even wire hangers. I do remember I stopped for a while then at 17 my dad’s third exwife started some shit with me. I went upstairs and I cut my arm up. My history teacher saw it and recommended me to go downstairs to the nurses office; he called ahead. They wanted to send me to the hospital but I walked out of the nurses office. I proceeded to find one of the teachers in the school I trusted; she recommended the drug counselor. He called home I don’t think my dad got the call because later that day his wife was telling me things like I did it wrong and how much better things would be if I would kill myself. Well I proceeded about 4 years using blades on and off. When I reached 22 I had an emotional crisis and couldn’t get a hold of a blade I saw a lighter and for whatever reason I decided to burn myself. I used the lighter but my preference was for the blade. At 23 my dad and his fourth wife found out I was self injuring. The sad part is I don’t think they care. I am now 24. I managed to stop for 5 months till last week I decided I needed to hurt again. Right now I don’t know if I am ever going to be able to stop. I can only hope maybe one day I will be able to because I know if I don’t this is going to be what kills me.


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