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I have been cutting since december of 2002. I know that it’s not long yet it seems like I have been doing it forever. It is something I can not control. And I have to do it in order to be happy or at least content in that matter. I have strong social problems and my mother passed way in 2001, November 9th. And I was happy she died; I hated her. Everyone thinks it was her death that made my depression… It wasn’t… I have slit my wrist 3 times trying to die and tried to hang myself once as well. But my father came in. I cut my arm and burn mostly names and symbols. I think of it as body art and it’s my body. I hate life a lot and it’s not that I want to die but want to know what it would feel like to no longer have pain… I do not believe in God and I do believe in the devil lord and lady… I am also bisexual which brings a lot of hassle in my life.


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