My Life

Copyright, Ktodd

My life had always been rough and then at the age of 5, my real father committed suicide. I was extremely depressed, for I had been a ‘daddy’s girl’. I started cutting about 4 months after his death. I went on to move and live with my mom and step dad. And grew up hiding this terrible secret. I hid it well — too well — for no one found out about me. The only person I could confide in was my fiance and that was becuase he cut too. So we hid together. Cutting together and hurting together, until he really hurt me. He left saying that he didn’t love me anymore. And I spiraled. I was suicidal for 3 months and no one knew. My parents just recently found out. I am 19 and my parents just found out. Screwy. I found Psyke while working on a self injury research paper in high school and have been a member ever since. I credit Psyke for saving my life many, many times.


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