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Hello, my name is Kizzy and I’m a 16 year old female from the UK. I’ve been self harming for about 6-7 years and I wanted to get in touch with people who also self harm. I’m not looking for someone to brag to about my latest cuts, I just want someone there who understands that cutting isn’t a bad thing. That cutting is a way to keep you alive.

So many times I’ve wanted to kill myself and instead I’ve cut my arms or legs and it’s taken me out of that state of mind where I want to die, and made me for once in my life actually take care of myself and have control over the situation.

If people relate to this then I want them to get in touch with me. I don’t know anybody who self harms, and it’s part and parcel of being so ashamed of it. Alcoholism and drug addiction in a way are all accepted in society. In a way they have to be because at least one time in your life you will have experienced some form of drug addiction, whether it be a family member or a friend. We are far more educated about these illnesses than self harm, and it’s ironic because they are what I would class as self harm as you intentionally cause yourself to get liver cancer as a result of drink or lung cancer as a result of smoking. Far more people die from smoking knowing the risks of cancer than people who self harm. Self harm doesn’t lead to suicide. It usually prevents it.

Anyway enough of my ranting.

Looking forward to hearing from anyone, just mention this website and I’ll e-mail you back as soon as possible.

Take care and I think Psyke is a great website for educating people about self harm.


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