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I’m 13 years old, and I have started an obsession. Cutting myself, me and my friends. We’re just hanging out, and I had cut myself before. And we have safety pins with us. And I take my safety pin out and cut my friend. He freaked out, ran to the bathroom and washed it. And then came back and wanted more. So I cut my other two friends and I cut myself. So now I have my own obsession. When I am alone, bored, or sick of everyone. I go to my room and cut myself. I have used many things but never razor blades or knifes. I use safety pins, tacks, and anything I can find. I have read some other people’s stories. And makes me feel about what will happen to me, as I get older. I have my goals, about life and what I want to be. But I can’t stop cutting myself. I cut my legs and arms and it’s almost summer and she doesn’t know about my cuts and I cover them. And I only started this because me and my friends thought it was cool. I only have the friends that I started this with. And I really need help. By the other stories it’s as though they started at my age with safety pins and needles.


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