Can’t Deal

Copyright, Layna

I’m fourteen, and have been cutting for about two years. I have numerous scars of words, pictures and lines on my body, let me tell you, it’s ugly. I have “Die”, “Love Sucks”, “I Loved You”, “Hurt”, and “Hate”. I have eighty-four scars from cutting, and I’m hoping that the number won’t get any bigger.

When I want to cut, and try not to, I go through somewhat of a withdrawal. I start shaking and crying, my whole body trembles, and I start to go numb. My mother found out I’m doing it again (she doesn’t know that I never stopped) and she’s sending me somewhere.

My advice for every cutter out there is to try and stop while you still can, if you’re reading this and have just begun to cut, stop now, it only gets worse. People stare, but they never ask what they’re from, they assume you’re suicidal. Which isn’t always necessarily true. If anyone needs to be able to talk to another cutter, or just needs to be understood, I’ve added my email so that you can contact me. I’m only fourteen, but I know enough about cutting.


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