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Tears of my Own

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I have lived with self harm for over seven years now and I hate it. I hope that if anyone is thinking of starting then this will convince them not to.

Seven years ago I was a happy little girl and sports was my thing, I lived by the sea so I went swimming nearly every day, I walked everywhere I went in sun, snow and rain, and I loved going to the sports club in summer so I could play tennis and football etc. But then the awful day that now haunts me came. I cut for the first time. Then all of a sudden my life changed.

I now don’t swim and haven’t for seven years as I have scars and/or cuts on my legs, arms, feet and hands and can not show them to anyone. I no longer walk anywhere as in the summer it’s too hot to walk in trousers and long sleeved tops and in the rain it stings when the water seeps through your cloths and so on so now I never do much sport so my life has become very empty. This makes me so sad when I think about it that I will go and cut but then the cycle starts all over again.

Please, if you feel like cutting don’t just think of the sudden releas and rush you get think about the long term. If you ever need to talk PM belley on or e-mail me.


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