You Have Brought Me To This Point

Copyright, Levi

You have brought me to this point. I sit here in a tub full of blood, veins pulsing, as I near my last breath. My grip weakens and the knife drops to the floor. I feel the blood flowing with every dying beat of my heart. In this effort to make the pain stop, it has only seemed to worsen. I cannot control my shakes and twitches. I go into endless convulsions sending ripples through the pool of blood, like waves pulsing through the ocean. I just want to see the light at the end of this long dark lonely tunnel. Waiting to reach the point where I can resolve my problems. All I can do now is ask myself questions. Where did I go wrong? Why did you leave me to die? Isn’t there any other way out? But it is too late now as everything turns dark and I feel my heartbeat drop. My muscles relax, and I lay lifeless in a pool of my own blood. No one will find me here. No one will even notice my absence from daily life. If they do, it will be to rejoice. Suddenly all of the thoughts in my head disappear. My problems are resolved. I stand up to notice that there are no cuts on me. But as I turn around I see my body lying there in a pool of blood, lifeless and cold. I realise that my earthly life has come to an abrupt end. There is no turning back now. I am past the point of decision making. All I can do is follow the light to my final judgement. But I already know what will happen. I will be denied. My eternal happiness will be lost. Then, just like my body, I will be lifeless and cold for all eternity.


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