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This is kinda weird for me because I have never told anyone except for my best friend Nicole. Anyway, I have been cutting myself since I was twelve years old. ‘Why?’ you may be thinking, well, it was for childish reasons. I was dating this one dude named Brett and he cheated on me four times and then broke up with me all times. Even on my birthday. I was devastated all times but when I look back on it, I shouldn’t have started cutting. I remember I was sitting in my computer room and I was crying and I grabbed a staple and started away at my wrist. Ever since then, I have cut myself with anything I can get my hands on. With a razor or knife or even glass. Not that I do it just to do it. I do it when I’m sad, mad, depressed. But mostly when I feel really negative about myself or something that had just happend. My mom walked in on me one time but she didn’t see what I was doing. My sister saw the cuts on my arm one time but they were little and were on my forearm and I told her that they were from my kitten. But since then, no one has asked me about them. I haven’t been cutting for about three months and I hope not to do it again. Since I stopped cutting, I developed a habbit of smoking cigarettes and listening to music that makes me feel better. Plus, I have read stories on this site and seen pictures that have made me cry and now I feel bad that I ever did this stuff. I hope that all of you out there that have ever self mutilated or have done something to hurt yourself can get help. I didn’t but I made myself stop and now I’m glad I stopped and that I am still here. I am free to anyone’s comments on what they have done or if they want to send pictures or anything. You can e-mail me at If you read my story, thank you a lot.


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