The End

Copyright Vikki

After all the shit I have been put through,
After all the broken promises,
After all the cuts,
After all the scars,
After all the pills,
I’m finally done.

I’m done trying to make you all happy,
I’m done trying to make my shitty life work,
I’m done waiting to see if anyone will care,
I’m done wishing on stars,
I’m done praying not to wake up,

I have had enough.
This is the end.


Copyright Vikki

I thought you where my friend,
I thought you cared,
You turned out to be like everyone else,
And full of shit.

Thanks for pretending to care,
Thanks for pretending to be there,
Thanks for all the shit you put me through,
Thanks for all the broken promises.

Now just fuck off,
Leave me alone,
Leave me here,
With my only true friend,
My blades.

My blades never lie to me,
Never break promises,
Never tell me bullshit,
Never let me down.

Every time I turn to them,
They have the right answer.

To you and all the other fake friends,
All I have to say is,
Stop pretending to care.

You opened my eyes to the worthless piece of shit I really am,
And I thank you for it,
Now all I have left to say is,
So long and good bye.


Copyright Vikki

Now that you have left
All we do is fight
We both know it’s not right
Without you in my life I feel so weak
I’m so lost I can’t even think

As I sit here by myself
As I lift the blade to my arm
It speaks to me
As the blood drips out of my veins
As years of pain go away

Another night without sleep
Stupid me, I cut to deep
My arm turns red
I am left dead in my bed
You killed me…

Would You Notice?

Copyright Vikki

You were my everything
I was your nothing

You didn’t need to love me,
just notice me
Maybe when I’m dead?
There is only one way to find out…

With the blade as my friend
With the cold steel on my wrist
With one swipe
With one last breath,
you will know what you meant to me.


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