Coming to Get You

Copyright Vinny

Blood drips down the drain
from the opened wound she has made
Because of stress
Because of voices
In out of her mind
it makes her want to cry
Too many people
opening their mouths
I cant take it anymore
I want to tell my story out loud
It wont do any good
My voice is drowned out
I cant even hear myself shout
My voice is hidden behind yours
I am so ignored
Too many problems
Too many fights
Too bad it ended this way
It’s because she had no way out
She tried to fight
but she lost
They still said all trash
Before they knew her strength
Before they knew her problems
They just said so many things
that no one understood
because shes different
Shes no good
Tears of sadness
hide in her eyes
Her laughs are all her lies
You think she cuts to hurt
but I know she cuts to heal
She cuts her arm
and has a soul made of steel
She is beautiful on the inside
no one really knew
Before or after she died
they still wonder
what happened
what drove her to this madness
For some reason
they dont believe they caused her sadness
Now its over
you think shes dead
But they still talk
and she can hear them
in her six foot under bed


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