Copyright, Vampirella

My friends drifting away
The world seems so gray
My tears will only say
The truth is hidden away

Hating my life and crying in pain
Borne only by the strength of the flame
Crying dying, going insane
Killing my slowly, this is my pain

Stand by me do not leave me here
From this pain I shed a tear
This is my world, and yet I still fear
Continually wondering why I am here…

So, I alone, as I cry
Hearing you speak, your words a lie
No one beside me, I wonder why
But, all alone, still I cry

Wide Open Eyes

Copyright, Vampirella

Don’t close your eyes
The darkness will come anyways
Don’t close your eyes
Hiding will make you afraid

Don’t hide away from truth
Only lies can resurrect the pain
Don’t hide away from life
In death your supposed freedom

You can lie throughout this life
But truth is the flame still burning bright
You can lie until your death
Death is walking down that road

You can see the corner of this street
The dark trees growing taller still
You can see the blood-red corner of my home
(I hide there today)

Don’t close your eyes
The darkness finds you in time
Don’t hide away
The pain you cannot bear

The pain will come through anyways
Life shed from this fire burning bright
To kill away the happiness, the joy
Fight for the truth to come shining through

Don’t close your eyes
Hiding will make it stronger
Don’t close your eyes
Or else you will fail

Don’t close your eyes
Believe and you will win
Don’t close you eyes
Death is never far


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